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Adventure Bound Tours is a family business that specialises in unique multi day adventures across the globe. Founded by an ex-Australian SAS veteran, your adventure will be a culturally rich and life changing experience. We value people and love seeing you get the most out of your experience! Let us take you on your next adventure holiday!

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Vanuatu Adventure 10 Day Adventure Experience

The Manvoi Adventure is a once in a lifetime chance to experience the real Vanuatu. Get off the beaten track and away from the tourists and experience primitive untouched villages and ancient cultures while you hike across the island of Malekula.

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Kokoda Track 10 Day Hiking Trek

Join an ex-Australian SAS veteran on a once in a lifetime adventure to the historic battlefields of Kokoda. Olly explains from a diggers’ perspective the battles that took place on the Kokoda Track to help shape our nation of today!

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“I can’t thank Olly & Billy enough, one of the most amazing, challenging and touching experiences in my life!
I did my research before I booked and always came back to Adventure Bound.
One comment I read in a review was “I felt sorry for other groups walking past, whilst Olly explained the history, battle and tactics etc” well I felt the same thing as groups walked straight past as we were learning the history of the battles.
The cooks are amazing and there was always enough for seconds, pancakes, pizzas etc.
Please, please use a porter as firstly you will enjoy it more and take more in and secondly the porters are descendants of the Fuzzy Wuzzies and this is their only job and enables them to make a good wage for their families as their is no other work for them. They are amazing people and will catch you before you fall on the hills, laugh with you and sing to you after dinner and just love doing this job as did their fathers, grandfathers etc. We had two beautiful services for our fallen diggers that were put together by Olly and Billy and they included the porters who represent the Fuzzy Wuzzies and their was not a dry eye at either service. I have traveled the world, but Olly and Billy made this one of the most memorable places I have been.
Don’t hesitate Olly and Billy and their team of wonderful Fuzzy Wuzzies will look after you like family!
Thanks Jesse ”

Jesse Butler, ANZAC Trek 2019


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How hard is Kokoda?


How hard is the Kokoda Track anyway? Well, it is a challenge because of the weather and the mountainous terrain. But Kokoda is very achievable by most people. A determined attitude and a willingness to keep pushing on through muscle soreness helps!

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How much does it cost to do the Kokoda Track?


How much should a Kokoda trek cost? How can you tell if you are getting value for money when choosing a trekking company, and will you encounter any extra costs? Make sure you are getting a great value trek as it is a once in a lifetime experience!

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