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Adventure Bound Tours is a family run business, and we love to see individuals enjoy new experiences and challenges! We are a highly qualified and professional business, able to cater for all ages and fitness levels. We are dedicated to ensuring every person has an amazing experience and hold safety as our number one priority. We bring unique experiences, knowledge and skills to ensure that every aspect of your adventure has an expert taking care of your needs and planning your experience. We are the Adventure professionals.

Adventure Bound Kokoda

Olly, Billy and the boys!



Olly has served with the Australian Regular Army and Army Reserve for 22 years, 7 as a member of the Special Air Service Regiment (SAS).  On leaving the Australian Regular Army, Olly joined the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service (QFES) as a Fire fighter. Through these professions, he developed high levels of experience in leadership, management, emergency response, risk assessment, communication and teamwork skills.

Olly is a returned serviceman having served with the SAS in both Afghanistan in 2002, Iraq in 2003 and Border Protection Patrols as a reservist with the 51st Battalion. Olly is currently serving with the 51st Battalion, Far North Queensland Regiment as a Patrol Commander.

While serving in the Australian Army, Olly has instructed and facilitated Australian and international troops (Malaysians, Indonesians and Vanuatu) in jungle warfare while posted to Jungle Training Wing Tully (JTW), and was recognised for his skilful tracking ability. He was also awarded the Australia Day Medal for his contribution to JTW.

Olly has been noted for his leadership while in the 51st Battalion namely in his role mentoring and leading the high number of indigenous troops that are found in the remote outstations in Cape York and Torres Strait. This is something that Olly has developed over time and is well regarded amongst the indigenous troops.

Olly is self-motivated and has worked hard to reach his goals. He has discovered that motivating others to meet their personal challenges and achieve their goals is very satisfying.

Like many diggers, Olly has a keen interest in military history and has gained a wealth of knowledge in this area. With a passion for the jungle, bush tucker and survival, Olly will facilitate a trekking experience that will surpass your expectations.



Billy is the wife of Olly and the mother of their four boys. She is a high school Physical Education Teacher and has been involved in education for over a decade. She has coached and motivated school students to reach their full potential both physically and mentally.

As an educator, Billy has experience in team building, management, mentoring, communication and leadership.

Billy is passionate about health and fitness and finds constructing fitness programs, greatly rewarding. She also continually pursues the latest in nutritional information for optimising physical performance.

Billy will communicate with you throughout the pre trek process ensuring that you are fully prepared and ready to tackle all that lays ahead.

Billy is passionate about people and loves to support and encourage them to go beyond what they believe they are capable of. She is a positive asset to the Adventure Bound Team.

Mace 'Benno' Bennett - Trek Guide

Mace 'Benno' Bennett - Trek Guide

Mace (Benno)Bennett, and Olly, (Chook) first met in Iraq in 2003 where they both served in the Australian army. Mace grew up on a small property in south west Queensland with 5 siblings which gave him an early opportunity to demonstrate and understand the practical aspects of life’s challenges. At the age of 17 Benno followed in the footsteps of his family by becoming the 3rd generation to join the Australian Army. As a young army apprentice the Defence gave him not only combat and field skills, they also trained him as an Electrician. After 4 years within Defence he was deployed with Special operations to Iraq and Afghanistan as a member of Special Operations Task Group. Having completed 3 tours of active duty in the Middle East he accepted promotion and was posted back to Queensland.
Once back in his home state he was immediately redeployed to East Timor. After 10yrs within the regular army Benno then transferred to the Army Reserve where he currently remains. Life after Defence lead him in pursuit of business where he was self employed for 8 yrs before becoming a permanent firefighter in the little coastal town of Bowen.

Benno has joined Olly on many adventures over the years, including their very first time across Kokoda, Vanuatu, Everest Base Camp and many more local sorties. Both Olly and Benno have distinguished military records and have discovered a passion for the retelling of our ANZAC history. As soldiers they have a unique insight into the life and tactics of a soldier. Not only can they give detailed accounts of historic battle fields, but they can give you, personal experience, courage, endurance and sacrifice which are the corner stones of the ANZAC legend. These values, and the drive for adventure, has led Benno to be an essential and vibrant member of the Adventure Bound Team.

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How hard is Kokoda?


How hard is the Kokoda Track anyway? Well, it is a challenge because of the weather and the mountainous terrain. But Kokoda is very achievable by most people. A determined attitude and a willingness to keep pushing on through muscle soreness helps!

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How much does it cost to do the Kokoda Track?


How much should a Kokoda trek cost? How can you tell if you are getting value for money when choosing a trekking company, and will you encounter any extra costs? Make sure you are getting a great value trek as it is a once in a lifetime experience!

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