How hard is Kokoda?


How hard is the Kokoda Track anyway? Well, it is a challenge because of the weather and the mountainous terrain. But Kokoda is very achievable by most people. A determined attitude and a willingness to keep pushing on through muscle soreness helps!

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How much does it cost to do the Kokoda Track?


How much should a Kokoda trek cost? How can you tell if you are getting value for money when choosing a trekking company, and will you encounter any extra costs? Make sure you are getting a great value trek as it is a once in a lifetime experience!

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How fit do you need to be to trek Kokoda?


The Kokoda Track is one of the most challenging treks due to the terrain and its unrelenting steepness. It is important that you prepare your body for what it will need to do over the duration of the trek. So how you train your body is going to determine your level of fitness and your comfort level over the track.

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Which company should I trek Kokoda with?


This is the first big question you need to answer after deciding to trek the Kokoda Track. There are a number of issues you need to consider when choosing a company to take you on this life-changing journey in order to get the most out of your experience.

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How do I train for Kokoda?


So you’ve decided to do the Kokoda Track and you want to use your training time well. You are aware that you need to do a fair bit of walking to prepare for the 96km trek. But how do you maximise your training time to get the best results? Well the answer is simple…. Hills!! It’s all about the hills!

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Kokoda Track in 2023


Trek Kokoda in 2018! It’s always healthy to set goals, and what better goal to have then to walk the historic Kokoda trail and learn about Australian history while experiencing the primitive culture of PNG.

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Treks close to Australia


Are you looking for your next trekking adventure? Do you want it to be not only a hike but an adventure? If you have exhausted the hiking tracks in your region and you are looking for something that not every man and his dog is doing, then stay tuned…

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Vanuatu not just for Honeymooners!


Vanuatu is the perfect Honeymoon destination…beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, pristine rainforests, untouched coral reef and seclusion. But there is another side of the Vanuatu islands, a side not many people yet know about….

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The best time of year to trek Kokoda


A common question asked when wanting to take on the challenge of the Kokoda Track, is when is the ideal time of year to trek? When you have committed to training and have spent the money to make your goal happen, you want to know that you will experience the best of Kokoda!

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How safe is the Kokoda Track?


When deciding whether to complete the challenging and memorable journey along the Kokoda Track one of the questions that may arise is whether the Kokoda Trail is safe. This is a reasonable concern as the Kokoda Track is in an isolated rugged area of Papua New Guinea.

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