How fit do you need to be to trek Kokoda?

The Kokoda Track is one of the most challenging treks due to the terrain and its unrelenting steepness. While walking you travel from 735m above sea level to 2190m’s. You therefore experience the stifling humidity of the tropics but also the coolness of the altitude at night.

So yes you need a certain amount of fitness to complete the Kokoda Track….you need to be trek fit! Trek fit means you need to be ready to walk long distances often up steep mountains for around 10 days! It is important that you prepare your body for what it will need to do over the duration of the trek. So how you train your body is going to determine your level of fitness and your comfort level over the track.

Intentional training should begin at least 3 months before you head to Kokoda or longer if you are starting with absolutely no physical fitness. Training for Kokoda will involve walking with a daypack on for extended distances, starting with 5km and working up to 15kms. If you intend to carry your own pack and not use a local porter you will need to train wearing your trek pack at full weight. It is also important that you train in the shoes you will trek in. Endurance training is vital to improve your trek fitness and as you begin to gain a base fitness you can up the intensity of your training by including hill climbs. Because training will take up a large chunk of time, try to incorporate it into your daily routine. So get up early and walk to work or the train station and take the stairs wherever possible! So, “How fit do you need to be to do Kokoda?” Well unless you have a heart condition or serious knee problems, if you put in a certain amount of training in preparation, it is possible for anyone to complete the Kokoda Track.


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