How much does it cost to do the Kokoda Track?

When looking into doing the Kokoda Track one of the factors in your decision making involves the cost of the trek. How much should it cost to complete the Kokoda Track? This is a valid question and deserves some research before signing up with a company to take you on this once in a lifetime experience! I am not a big fan of hidden costs when it comes to my purchases, and especially when I am on a holiday! I do not want to be left with a negative experience because I was unaware of the actual cost of my travel! Therefore, from the outset I want to know how much the experience will cost in total, so I can budget for that amount.

Why do prices vary so much?

The price from company to company will vary depending on what they are including in their trek price. Some will include only the basic costs, with extras like museum and battle site entry fees to be paid by individual trekkers once on the track. Some companies include all meals, while others will require you to bring your own lunch. So, the inclusions will have a direct affect on the ‘trek price’, so generally the cheaper the trek price the more basic the inclusions (so expect to fork out along the way), and the more expensive trek will be all inclusive with all the major expenses, besides souvenirs being taken care of.

So, when you are doing your research make sure you get a list of inclusions and exclusions of the trek price. And remember to factor in your international flight cost, if you must make your own way to PNG. Once you add international flights to the quoted trek price it then gives you a more accurate overall figure of what your adventure will cost. Some companies, like ours, include international flights in the overall cost of the trek so it is all included and taken care of with no hidden costs.

Happy researching…. and remember to compare inclusions, but also compare the intangible value that individual trek guides can add to your whole experience!


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