How safe is the Kokoda Track?

When deciding whether to complete the challenging and memorable journey along the Kokoda Track one of the questions that may arise is whether the Kokoda Trail is safe. This is a reasonable concern as the Kokoda Track is in an isolated rugged area of Papua New Guinea.

The Track itself winds along mountain ridges and river crossings passing through villages along the way. The village people welcome trekkers and are very accommodating. The villages of the Kokoda Track benefit directly from the tourism that the historic Kokoda Trail brings. They are also immensely proud of their forefathers, The Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels, and the vital role they had in assisting the allied troops along the Track during World War II.

To ensure safety throughout your trek it is important that you choose a trekking company that has developed risk assessments and have contingencies in place for all situations. Make sure the company has safety equipment such as a satellite phone and GPS tracking in case an evacuation is required. You should also cover yourself by purchasing travel insurance that includes evacuation costs. It’s important you choose a company with an Australian guide who works in conjunction with a local guide from a village along the Track.

Lastly look at the experience of your trek leader and their team. In an emergency situation would your Australian guide be equipped with the knowledge and experience to manage the situation? For example, Olly, from Adventure Bound Tours has 15 years’ experience in the army, 7 of which were in the SAS; he has spent time as a Police Officer, and a number of years as a fire fighter specialising in technical rescue which includes swift water rescue. Olly is the type of guide you would feel completely safe leading you over the rugged terrain of the Kokoda Track!




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