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Kokoda Track in 2019

Wednesday, September 4th, 2019

Complete the Kokoda Track in 2019! Many people have the Kokoda trek on their bucket list but just never get around to doing it. All you need to do to get the ball rolling is to book Kokoda 2019, start walking and set small goals to get you there.

Another helpful way to achieve your goal is to share the experience of the Kokoda Track in 2019 with a friend! Doing the track with a friend or group helps in training and keeping each other on ‘track’. You could train together, encourage each other, and let’s face it…compete with each other!!

If you are worried that you will not be fit enough, think again! The Kokoda track is possible for all different types of people to achieve. We have helped people in their 70’s achieve their goal of walking the track! Most good trekking companies will provide you with a training program to follow, and by the time it comes around to walk the Kokoda Track in 2019 you will be well prepared! During your training you can test out your equipment, find out where you are prone to get blisters and decide which snacks you prefer!

The pace that you walk the track is not a fast one, it is a steady consistent pace that will see you over the 96kms. So the best way to prepare, is to trek up and down hills at a comfortable pace over a long period of time. So starting now for a trek in the later months of this year will be perfect to prepare you for the Kokoda track in 2019!

It’s always helpful to have goals to work towards, especially for after the Christmas silly season when we tend to indulge, so now is the perfect time to set a goal for 2019 and to work towards achieving it!