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The best time of year to trek Kokoda

Tuesday, January 4th, 2022

A common question asked when wanting to take on the challenge of the Kokoda Track, is when is the ideal time of year to trek? When you have committed to training and have spent the money to make your goal happen, you want to know that you will experience the best of Kokoda!

The Kokoda Track is in the highlands of PNG and is situated in the tropics close to the equator. PNG has a monsoonal climate with high temperatures. Daytime temps are between 24 to 32 and nights are anywhere between 18 to 2 degrees Celsius! As the Kokoda Track is in the tropics the humidity is typically high, often between 75-95%. The seasons are described as ‘wet’ and ‘drier’.  The wet begins to build up in November and lasts through till early April.

Most trekking companies, if not all, will not trek in the wet season between November and March due to the heavy rain, swollen rivers and extremely difficult conditions which accompany the wet season! The ideal time of year to trek Kokoda is therefore sometime in the dry season from April to October, however, you should expect rain at any time over the Track, due to the tropical climate of the area. Having said that, if you do experience rain during the ‘drier’ season it will only add to the adventure and challenge that is the Kokoda Track!!