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Treks close to Australia

Saturday, January 8th, 2022

Are you looking for your next trekking adventure? Do you want it to be not only a hike but an adventure? If you have exhausted the hiking tracks in your region and you are looking for something that not every man and his dog is doing, then Vanuatu is the place!

Just a short and cheap flight from the east coast of Australia is your next trekking adventure. Be the first of your friends to discover the outer island group of Vanuatu, the picturesque Maskelyne Islands!

This trek is a very affordable and unique trip. It involves a 4 day coastal hike through remote villages of Vanuatu where you will experience the food and culture of the tribes of the Maskelyne Islands. You will then spend the next 4 days paddling a dugout canoe around pristine reef in and out of islands, camping on your own island paradise. Snorkelling around these islands is first rate and a swim with a family of dugongs is part of this unique adventure trek experience.

To top off this affordable Vanuatu trekking adventure you will hike overnight to witness an active volcano! How many people can say they have done that!? This 10 day multi-facetted trek is only a 2hr flight from Australia. This is the ideal trek for people wanting to experience the natural beauty of an untouched remote location and the added bonus of a cultural experience!