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“We took our family of mum & dad & 3 boys aged 16, 13, 10 with Billy & Ollie on their Vanuatu Adventure Bound Tour recently. We love challenging and culturally rewarding travel and were rewarded with a fantastic experience of the real Vanuatu - remote islands and villages, wonderful outrigger canoe paddling over pristine ocean & reefs, and an amazing trek up to Marum Volcano on Ambrym - collectively considered the best thing we have seen. All accompanied with a welcoming and engaging local population of locals living as they have for centuries virtually untouched by the vices of our western worldly ways, yet always friendly and accepting of our familys visit. Every day of trekking / paddling / climbing was a different experience - all made possible by Olly's and Billy's local contacts, itinery and proffessionalism. As a family experience I cannot recommend this tour enough - the children are challenged but not overwhelmed, and culturally expanded by the Vanuatu people without effort. An adventure I urge anyone to do while you can - this area of the world and the Adventure Bound prism throuh which you can view it is unique.

Dr Rory Howard, Sept 2017

“To Olly & Billy, like I said to the group under the shelter at Craig's Cove you can pick your trek; but you can't can't really know what you're getting into or pick your leader. You pay your money and take your chances.
Well before we started we liked your style. When Cyclone Donna thwarted our May start we greatly appreciated your genuine disappointment and speed to offer an alternative schedule. We weren't alone because the whole party returned in late July for Take 2. You organised and facilitated an experience of a lifetime! It was everything we hoped for and so much more. The experiences were only limited by our willingness to embrace them. The opportunity to meet people in their village on their terms not ours, unparalleled! Your concern for our experience partnered with your respect for the owners was truely impressive. Awesome all round, looking forward to our next adventure together

Jeremy & Prue Everitt, July 2017

“A big thanks to Billy, Olly and the Adventurebound team. We have had an amazing time in Vantatu. The trek was a genuine cultural experience and we loved the interaction with the porters and people we met along the way. We weren't expecting to be welcomed like royalty in many of the villages and were humbled by the kindest of the people. It was fantastic to eat the traditional local foods. Every day of this journey was different as we moved around the islands. We highly recommend this company and this trek for those who want to get out there and experience the real thing while being guided by professionals.

Garth and Jodie Tuckey, July 2017

“First trek with Adventure Bound was an amazing experience. I travelled with my teenage daughter and older sister and we had the best time ever. Thank you to Billy and Olly for their professional attitude in providing a tour to accommodate for varied fitness levels and age groups.... These guys have a great team in Vanuatu to support the Trekkers. A great feeling to be able to support the locals on the outer islands of Vanuatu and enjoy a truly genuine cultural experience

Katrina Wesser-Corrie, Sept 2016

“I have previously trekked with Adventure Bound on the Kokoda trek so I took on the Vanuatu Trek already confident in their ability to organise a trek that was safe and offered a cultural experience as well as a physical challenge.
This time however I took my 8 year old son. I was not prepared to see how well he embraced the journey and how easily the local people took him under their wing. They showed him more of their culture than I ever imagined possible. He swam with the children, hunted for fish and crabs and was welcomed in to their homes like family. The most amazing thing to see and hear was them all laughing and playing despite the language barriers.
There were of course times when he was tired along with the rest of us and Olly or Belinda were there to encourage him and walk with him to the next stop.
I would encourage anyone to take on this adventure, it will physically challenge you as well as adjust your mind set when you experience the simple ways the local people live and how happy they are in their lifestyle.

Of course you will see the untamed beauty of Vanuatu at its finest and most beautiful. You will also experience the rugged beauty of the Marum volcano. But you will forge life long friendships and a bond to the people of Vanuatu that you will not experience on any other adventure.

THANKYOU Belinda and Olly for your expert knowledge of the islands and people. For your ability to organise us all, feed us, ensure our safety and give us a life time of wonderful memories.

Melanie McAllum, Sept 2016

“I'm a "glamper". I like my comforts and I particularly like my morning coffee....this was a trip way outside my comfort zone!! But the world is so large, and I've experienced such a small part of it that I felt I needed to push myself out of this zone. This trek was remote and intense AND one of the foremost experiences of my life. The experience of walking and paddling in an area COMPLETELY unspoiled by any tourists, was incredible. The food (lobster, parrot fish, mudcrabs, landcrabs, clams, sweet potato, some rice all caught and cooked by our porters or in the villages) was fantastic (we may have been hungry because of the hiking and paddling - but this is how food should be enjoyed). The porters and villagers were friendly and welcoming - I don't think they have seen many, if any, tourists. But the best part was getting to know my fellow hikers and having Olly and Belinda with us. They live and breath these treks and their experience and joy at our enjoyment, made this trip special - better than special...unique!!

Dr Frank Condon, Sept 2015

“We are “Adventurers” not just tourists! This is how we felt during our amazing 10 day Vanuatu Trek. Olly and Billy took us far off the beaten track away from the tourists and we got to experience the “real” Vanuatu. It was incredibly rewarding setting up our tents at the end of each day knowing we had hiked or paddled our way to the secluded locations, and then were treated with fantastic sunsets as we enjoyed fresh produce from the ocean and village gardens. We did not go hungry! We did so much in the 10 days, it felt like we were away for weeks: jungle hiking, coastal walking, canoeing, fishing, snorkelling beautiful reefs, dolphin and dugong spotting, meeting the friendly local people, enjoying local string bands, dining on delicious local food and finally climbing to Marum Volcano and seeing the lava lake – a truly awesome end to the most wonderful holiday we have ever had! Thank you Olly and Billy for inspiring us to live life outside our comfort zone and thank you to our fellow trekkers for the fun times had.

Ing Nisbet….yearning for more adventures with Adventure Bound Tours!

Ingrid Nisbet, Sept 2015

“I can’t thank Olly & Billy enough, one of the most amazing, challenging and touching experiences in my life!
I did my research before I booked and always came back to Adventure Bound.
One comment I read in a review was “I felt sorry for other groups walking past, whilst Olly explained the history, battle and tactics etc” well I felt the same thing as groups walked straight past as we were learning the history of the battles.
The cooks are amazing and there was always enough for seconds, pancakes, pizzas etc.
Please, please use a porter as firstly you will enjoy it more and take more in and secondly the porters are descendants of the Fuzzy Wuzzies and this is their only job and enables them to make a good wage for their families as their is no other work for them. They are amazing people and will catch you before you fall on the hills, laugh with you and sing to you after dinner and just love doing this job as did their fathers, grandfathers etc. We had two beautiful services for our fallen diggers that were put together by Olly and Billy and they included the porters who represent the Fuzzy Wuzzies and their was not a dry eye at either service. I have traveled the world, but Olly and Billy made this one of the most memorable places I have been.
Don’t hesitate Olly and Billy and their team of wonderful Fuzzy Wuzzies will look after you like family!
Thanks Jesse

Jesse Butler, ANZAC Trek 2019

“After talking about Kokoda for over ten years, my best mate & I finally took the plunge and booked with Adventure Bound. From the outset of those initial inquiries Olly & Billy made us feel very much at ease with their timely & informative replies. A couple of unforeseen events forced us to twice amend our trek dates, this was never a problem they could not have been more accommodating. Fast forward to October 2019 & with 16 other trekkers we assembled in Cairns. At the initial briefing with Olly & Billy I knew this was going to be a memorable experience, they’re just so professional & make everyone feel comfortable. From the hotel foyer on day 1 to the return ten days later everything was organised & ran very smoothly. The crew of porters are sensational & are always there to guide you when needed. My own personal porter Michael was brilliant, he had my back the entire time. Olly is very passionate about Kokoda, his knowledge of the campaign is without peer & the briefings he delivers bring to life what it was like in 1942. He also possesses a typically wicked Aussie sense of humour which surfaces at exactly the right time to put a smile on faces when the trekking gets tough. The two dawn services at Brigade Hill & Isurava are very moving & I’m not ashamed to say I shed a couple of tears. Don’t be mistaken it’s bloody tough going in places but walking through those arches with my best mate & 16 other ‘brothers & sisters’ is a feeling I will never forget. Thank you Adventure Bound.

Grant Pilgrim Oct 2019

“Thank you Olly & Billy for all your planning and organisational skills. I did not have to think about anything but the task at hand. The assistance and professional conduct of the porters with total care and diligence towards our safety at all time gave much comfort to me and my husband. The historical knowledge of influential events shared along the track help me to understand the footprints of our fore fathers struggles and victories during the time of war. Will highly recommend to all my friends, thinking of attending the Kokoda Trek.

Sarah & Kevin Mitchell, Oct 2019

“Wow, what an adventure. I was fortunate enough to complete the Kokoda Track with my son in Sept 2019 & the experience is something neither of us will forget for our lifetime. No matter how hard you train, the terrain on the track is something different which us Western Australians find hard to replicate. We have a new found respect for the Diggers of 1942 as photos do not do justice to the difficulty of the track as you are constantly watching your footing without the added pressure of walking with around a combined 30 kilos in their backpacks which included ammo, food, water, rifle & ammunition for the mortars whilst at the same time trying to watch for Japanese activity. We deliberately booked with Adventure Bound Tours due to the simple fact Ollie was a former SAS soldier who has the knowledge to understand the battle tactics of both the Diggers & Japanese. His explanations were first class and made the trek even more enjoyable.
Billy was exceptional for her prompt response to all emails & keeping us informed on what was required by certain dates.
Both my son & myself have already recommended to several of our friends who have expressed an interest in walking the track to contact Adventure Bound Tours. We shall have no hesitation in recommending ABT to other friends & family.
Thank you for a fantastic experience.

Terry and Rhett Gale, Sept 2019

“Well what can I say, this really was the most amazing experience of my life. I would like to thank Billy for making this trip so easy as everything is organized for you and any questions are not a problem and are answered promptly. Olly was fantastic from the airport leaving to the airport coming home. His knowledge of the history of the battle is second to none and the two services we had were an incredible experience which I will never forget. There is nothing walked past on the trek without a detailed explanation of what, when and how, and he answers any question thrown at him, he really is just a fantastic guy who loves what he does.
The porters are an experience on there own and are a must to help their families as well looking after you like family, they will laugh with you, at you, and make the trip a wonderful experience. They are incredible!!
The cooks do a super job and there is plenty of food to go around with a great variety .
Once again thank you Billy and Olly and the Adventure bound team for the most amazing experience imaginable .

Russell Pryer, Aug 2019

“From the outset I knew it would be a great trip. Olly made everyone feel comfortable with his humour and advice. Olly's knowledge of the area and the battles fought was astounding. His talks gave us an insight into the hardships the troops faced and how the Fuzzy Wuzzy's helped the Australian wounded. All of our group bonded with our porters and staff very well and the night time sing alongs were fantastic. For me, it was a bucket list item that was 35 years in the making and to do it with my daughter was one of the most precious moments in my life. Recapping the days adventure while we sat down to a fantastic evening meal was great and the laughter was infectious. The most memorable day for me was the visit to Soputa where I was witness to the most amazing footy match anyone could ever see. Ten trekkers running around in calf deep water in the river with about 50 kids from the village all wanting to run, tackle and chase that football. Some lost their pants, others realised they aren't as young as they used to be. I can't speak highly enough of the Adventure Bound crew and would recommend them to anyone wishing to do the track.

Sgt Geoff Johns, Aug 2019

“I had a fantastic time on the Kokoda Trek - I loved every minute of it and did not want it to end! Thanks to Belinda for organising the trip and thanks to Olly and Graham for leading us and making it such a rewarding experience. The terrain and scenery made it an amazing walk but what made it really special was learning about the war history from Olly and Graham, and being immersed in the culture. All of our porters came from villages along the trail and we were able to interact with the friendly villagers as we passed through. The final night was spent at a traditional village well away from the track which was a remarkable and memorable cultural experience. We had a big group (22) but it worked out well as we naturally formed a lead group, middle group and rear group for walking and all came together again for our breaks and in the evenings so you got to know everyone anyway. To anyone considering doing this trek I would suggest that you get as fit as you possibly can including a few long training treks of 20km or more and including lots and lots of long steep hills. If you are super fit you will have a greater chance of enjoying every step, day after day! I would definitely choose to go with Adventure Bound again - the whole experience was great from planning to completion.

Alison Kirkwood, July 2019

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Kokoda. There was not a moment where I wasn’t enjoying the track. Olly was knowledgeable, the porters were caring, the food was spectacular (we even had sushi on the track), the memorial services were moving, the company we kept was great, the meal entertainment (fire, flowing river, touch footy games, swimming in creek and under waterfalls, lookouts over the landscape, card games, porters singing etc) was phenomenal. Thanks for taking us on this trek and looking after us. I am looking forward to doing this with my kids when they are old enough!

Stuart Campbell, July 2019

“Ollie and Graham..you were amazing, can't thank you both and Billie enough for what was an absolute ripper of a time. Your knowledge of the campaign and the track is second to none and I will be strongly recommending to anyone who wants to walk the track that they do it through you! Everything about our time in PNG was well organised and first class....thanks doesn't really cut it but thanks anyway !!

Rod Morrison, July 2019

“From first contact to the last day, Adventure Bound Tours provided an experience that I will never forget. From staging out of the safe and comfortable Double Tree Hilton in Cairns, to the emotional services along the track to the cultural immersion at the end, Olly and Billy deliver more than expected! One of the few operators to run the trek from South to North. I must admit, I didn't think too much about this until I started the walk. Starting in Owers Corner and finishing in Kokoda makes absolute sense and follows the original advance in the campaign.
The ability of Olly to give detailed accounts of the battles from a strategic perspective to brigade level, to section level and even down to individual acts of bravery was amazing to be part of. Olly’s down to earth straight shooting approach made for many laughs along the way. Then the emotional services experienced would bring a tear to the steeliest of eyes.
It was an experience with a laundry list of inclusions that sets Adventure Bound Tours out from the rest.

Johl Hayes, May 2019

“I have just returned from PNG and doing the Kokoda Track with Adventure Bound Tours. Myself and 5 of my best mates all went for the Anzac Day Trek and had an amazing experience.
Massive thanks to Olly, Billy, Lance and all of our amazing porters for making the trip one we will remember for a lifetime. We had talked about doing the trek for years and finally got organised about 18 months ago and I’m so glad I booked us in with Adventure Bound. Olly’s knowledge of the Kokoda campaign and his insights into the battles from his soldier’s perspective was great and made the trip that much more enjoyable.
The actual hike was quite a challenge at times but Olly and the porters made sure every member of our group made it through to the end with no injuries or delays!
If you’re thinking of doing the Kokoda Track I would highly recommend going with Olly and Adventure Bound Tours. We are hoping to book in a trip to Vanuatu with them next!

Peter MacFarlane, ANZAC Trek 2019

“Just wanting to thank Adventure Bound for one of the greatest experiences and challenges that I've ever undertaken. I'm still recovering, but I think related to being the oldest of the ANZAC 2019 crew, struggling to keep up with the better looking and much fitter colleagues. Olly and Billy are amazing people who put together a fantastic tour, one that I cannot recommend highly enough. Perfect itinerary full of information, sights, experiences and much laughter, all while maintaining the highest duty of care of all trackers. To the ANZAC 2019 crew, miss you all and hope everyone is doing well..

Wayne Turner, ANZAC trek 2019

“I cannot thank Olly and Billy enough for sharing such a wonderful experience with me. I knew I had made the right decision choosing Adventure Bound Tours as soon as I saw Billy’s reassuring smile during the Cairns briefing. Over the next 10 days Olly’s genuine empathy for his brothers in arms and those that served before him added another dimension to an experience that was everything you would expect - challenging, sweaty, demanding – but so much more – fun, thought provoking, life changing. I felt sorry for the other trekkers we passed along the way as I knew their tour guide could not have nurtured the same kokoda spirit and mateship we felt. Thanks to Olly’s military insights I have been casually dropping “enfilade fire from a defilade position” into conversations ever since I got back! Of course none of it would have been possible without the quiet, unwavering support of the porters. Always present, always attentive, culinary geniuses with bully beef and all round knights in rubber thongs. Trek was so good I’ll never do it again with anyone else!

Amanda Ray, July 2018

“Having for some time wanted to walk the Kokoda Track, I started to research companies that provided the service. I spoke with many and was drawn back to the friendly and professional outline given to me by Belinda Fowler. Subsequently, I booked with Adventure Bound Tours to commence my trek in May, 2018. Upon meeting with Olly I knew that I had chosen the right people to go with. His knowledge professionalism and humour endeared him to all the trekkers. Unfortunately 4 days into my trek I became ill and had to be evacuated from the Track to Port Moresby Hospital. The way in which both Olly and Belinda arranged for this to happen and the contact that they had with my family throughout all of this process was exceptional. My wife was kept completely up to date with every part of my process.
Once home and recovered, I decided to go back and have another go at the Kokoda Track, which I did in August 2018. This time I completed the track with no complications. What an incredible experience. The way in which Olly gets to know each and every person is extremely warming and makes you feel so special. His enthusiasm and knowledge is a big part of what drives you to complete this adventure. The way in which he describes the various locations and battles with a sincere passion showed me that he has such an enormous respect for those Diggers that led the way for Australia. His military background was evident and respected by all on the trek. His professionalism throughout the whole trek was outstanding. The porters, both personal and cooking staff, were not only exemplary but they made an effort to get to know as many of us as possible. The various villages that we visited along the way were respected in all ways and it was very clear to see that Olly had a very good relationship with them.
On our trek there were numerous other trekkers with various other companies that we saw and spoke with along the way. It was very interesting to note that Olly took us to places off the track and some quite a distance to show us and explain the various parts that these places played in the battle of Kokoda. We were asked numerous times by other trekkers where we had gone as their tour had not taken them there. Olly has located these areas and it goes to show how invested he is in making sure that his trekkers get the whole experience.
I guess the best compliment that I can give to Olly, Belinda and the whole Adventure Bound Crew, is that I was really sorry that it was over.
Olly and Billy, thanks for fulfilling an important part of my life.

Wayne Cooper, Aug 2018

“We all came to Kokoda for an authentic Kokoda experience. Thanks to Olly with his experience as a soldier plus his in depth research into the Kokoda campaign we received what we came for in bucket loads. Olly expertly recounted all the major battles; the tactics of both the Australians and Japanese, the mistakes made and the outcome of each battle. Olly and Billy also organized us so well, put together a wonderful band of porters who cared for us so well that we became family. My highlights were the singing of the porters, the 2 services that Olly organized and the cultural experience at Soputa. I highly recommend this pilgrimage; Olly and Belinda will provide for you an experience that you will never forget.

Bob Sheridan, August 2018

“I can not speak highly enough of Olly & Belinda. The trip was a breeze with them organising everything. This includes the international flights, a night before & after the trip in Cairns, which makes it all so much better than having to match other flights with meeting up with the tour in PNG. I like the fact everything was included & all we needed extra was a bit of spending money. I loved the fact we did little side treks to see ammunition from cache found in the forest & seeing dugouts still visible from the soldiers positions. With Olly's history in the Forces we got all the battles with detail making it more understandable of the impossible task our soldiers had to defend Australia. Food was great no one went hungry. Would highly recommend this company to everyone.

Tracey Heath, August 2018

“Absolutely amazing trip and even better guide and porters. I highly recommend Adventure Bound Tours!

Jacob Jeffries, August 2018

“My grandfather served in and survived Kokoda and I am not sure what I was after from the tour however Ollie certainly delivered. From the very first briefing in Cairns it was obvious that this small family run tour company was heartfelt and dedicated to giving everyone in the tour the individual attention and delivering the experience of a lifetime. One of the few tours who trek from south to north to follow the first Australian steps on the track and the Australian advance, Ollie and his team ensured the trek was enjoyable throughout, fed us more food than we thought we could eat (but of course we did), pulled out culinary masterpieces like donuts and sushi in the middle of the track and provided in depth military history infused with personal accounts to bring the sacrifice, courage, endurance and mateship to life. Thank you Ollie and Belinda - an experience I will never forget.

Kim Ferguson, July 2018

“I can highly recommend Adventure Bound as the company of choice for trekking the Kokoda track. Olly and Belinda are very professional and take the time to ensure all pre trek queries are responded to thoroughly. This helps with proper preparation and planning with equipment, insurance etc. All trip details were very well organised by Adventure Bound. Olly's briefings on the trek were comprehensive and helped to prepare you for the day ahead and certainly added a great deal to the overall experience. Olly has an excellent knowledge of and passion for the Kokoda Campaign and its place in our nation's history and character. By making the time to stop at the major battle sites we were able to develop a greater appreciation for the importance of the Kokoda campaign and gain a greater insight into the hardship faced by those who fought there. The Adventure Bound support staff know the track and conditions well and getting to know them across the journey was a great experience in itself. The food provided on the trip was very good and provided the nourishment needed for the long days of trekking. Thanks Adventure Bound for making my Kokoda experience so memorable.

Mark Newton, July 2018

“There are few journeys in life that exceed all expectations. This trek with Olly from Adventure Bound was one such experience. It was, at one and the same time, the greatest physical challenge I have ever faced and one of the most satisfying emotional experiences I have had. Like many who contemplate this journey, we do so for various reasons. Some want to test themselves against some of the roughest hiking on the planet, others want to experience beautiful, virgin rainforest wilderness. For many, like myself however, we want to honour departed family members and departed friends who fought on the Track, by gaining a better understanding of the hardships they endured. Olly is the perfect Trek leader in this regard. His military background and extensive study of the Kokoda Campaign means he can give real tactical insights into not only "what happened" but "why it happened in the way it did". In other words, when examining a Japanese or Australian trench position, Olly can explain in detail, not only what we are looking at but why the position was sited as it was. I found this practical military history lesson fascinating. As an adjunct to this - we held two beautiful and deeply moving memorial services. One at Brigade Hill and a dawn service at Isavura. I very much appreciated the opportunity to speak of the people I knew and loved.
As a contrast to the darkness of the war, we enjoyed the incredible beauty of the rainforest and the mountains and the local people. The amazing kindness and charity of the indigenous people was beyond belief. I particularly appreciated the high regard all of the Villagers and Porters had for Olly. Olly is not only providing work for them but he takes a genuine interest in their welfare and the well being of their families. I suspect this high regard translates to Adventure Bound having the pick of the best Porters and the best Cooks on the Track. The meals prepared for us (all cooked over an open fire) were superb, and just what we needed for such intense physical activity. Our Boys are proud of PNG and looked after us with genuine concern for our welfare and to ensure that, wherever possible, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit to their country.
I cannot finish without mentioning the organisational skills of Olly's partner, Belinda. She was wonderful, and made the whole process, from initial enquiry, to ticketing and visa questions, easy and efficient. From the point of view of a customer - she made the whole thing easy. Obviously, a lot of thought and work has gone into organising and streamlining the Adventure Bound system.
I am 67 years old. For many years I did not think that I would ever be fit enough to walk Kokoda. I trained for over a year to do it! It was still tougher than I expected! Yet I wasn't the oldest Trekker on our journey! It just goes to show that with the right preparation and the right tour company - you can achieve anything! Thank you Olly, and Belinda, and Adventure Bound for helping me make my dreams come true!

Robert Gemmell, July 2018

“Couldn't have asked for a better experience than to trek kokoda with my 17 year old son. Proud isn't even the start!
Olly was fantastic as our leader, his military history adds a new dimension to the whole trek. I don't think there was a dry eye during our 2 services along the track. Billy was easy to deal with when booking and always quick to reply to any questions I had. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute on the track (even though that may have been hard to tell at the time!!). Memories I'll talk about and remember forever. Without my Porter I definitely would not have finished unscathed. He was fantastic. He was able to get me through the toughest days with a smile on his face. Oh, and I'll never forget my 42ND Birthday! Celebrated on the kokoda track and even with a birthday cake!! Thanks for an amazing experience guys. Nathan and I will always remember and be proud that we have walked in the footsteps of history.

Melissa Scarpa, July 2018

“It’s hard to know where to start with leaving a testimonial but to those people reading who are thinking of doing the Kokoda track or any other adventure tour that Olly and Belinda operate I say this without falter...
If you want to trek with a first rate tour company and one of the most passionate and experienced guides then these guys are your best bet. From the outset I was informed, had detailed itineraries, pack lists, equipment lists and any questions were promptly answered by Belinda. To deal with an admin person who has walked and experienced the track gave me more than enough confidence in the information I was receiving. Being accommodated in the relaxed atmosphere in Cairns and a detailed briefing with the opportunity to do some last minute shopping was a welcome start and good to know we were coming back too! Having been in the military and deployed overseas, the travel to Port Moresby and the start of the track brought back mixed emotions and thoughts of diggers past. It all too sudden hits you the enormity of the situation these men were put into. It didn’t take long for Olly’s professionalism, knowledge and passion to shine through. His detailed accounts of battles, leaders, individuals, weapons, tactics and the general history kept coming at every poignant point along the track. His ability to connect to everyone in the group whether they were versed in the military campaign or just “adventure trekking “ shone through. Having an extensive military career himself and a genuine passion for the track you felt in safe hands if a situation was to arise, at all times he had the welfare of trekkers and porters foremost.
Our trek ran smoothly with porters and cooks who were dedicated to their roles, amazing meals considering almost all items were carried in and the assistance they gave through out the trek never waivered. There was so many experiences along the track that I will never forget, something different around each corner or at the top of every hill. I think everyone needs to experience it for themselves and not just hear it from me!

Graeme Peirce, June 2018

“What an amazing experience! From the time I first inquired about the trip, Billy has answered all of my questions (even the most mundane), and Ollie was an amazing trek leader - his military knowledge about Kokoda gave us all a deep understanding of what the 39th Battalion endured during the last six months of 1942. Our porters were an inspiration and made a difficult trek so much easier - apart from carrying tents, all of our food and miscellaneous other items, they guided us, gave us a hand up, and saved us from tripping/sliding on the downhill stretches so many times - they were so attentive and were there to help at every opportunity. We were fortunate to have only one day of rain, and the scenery was amazing - ancient trees, dense jungle, clean water flowing in local creeks and rivers and at the very end, the level landscape walking into Kokoda. Everything was provided on the trip - from the accommodation in Cairns at the start and end of the journey, flights to and from PNG and all meals - we were so well looked after from start to finish. It is so easy to recommend this trek - Billy and Ollie were amazing hosts - their familiarity with PNG and the people was evident in every town we visited and in chatting with the porters - they are loved and respected by all, which ensured we had a most memorable adventure .

Michelle Wilson, June 2018

“Wow! what an unforgettable experience. From the challenge of the track and the amazing scenery to the unique villages along the way, I enjoyed every minute of the trek. It is hard to imagine the fierce battles that were raging in a place of such peace and tranquility. Olly is very passionate about the history of the track and honoring the soldiers who fought for our country in this incredibly rugged landscape. Thank you Olly and Billy for your very professional approach in preparing for our trek, and for your organisational and leadership abilities during our time in P.N.G.

Doug Hardwick, May 2018

“I recently completed the Kokoda track with my family and found it an incredibly rewarding experience. Ollie and his crew were incredible at keeping us all motivated, upbeat and very well cared for. I've completed a number of group treks before and found Adventure Bound as the most personable and compassionate crew who very clearly take care of their local staff and their trekkers. The Kokoda track is incredibly scenic with such rich history, all of which Ollie explained so well we were moved by the magnitude of events that had happened at each location. To do a trek like this with my family was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity and I'd highly recommend it to everyone! As Ollie would say, you'll hardly even notice the hills!

Katherine Szabo, May 2018

“My family and I just came back from a most wonderful adventure. Back in November 2017 we decided we were going to do the Kokoda Trek, so after much research of the many trekking companies we chose Adventure Bound, and wow, it really was a great adventure. Billy and Olly helped us with all the preparation, and after six months of training our start date finally came. The whole trip went very well, the food was great, we always looked forward to the next meal and plenty of it, especially for my son Big Ben, the group size was good with a great bunch of people and Olly was there to help any of us at any time and to answer all our map questions and his knowledge of the war history and jungle war tactics was excellent. The porters were a fantastic contribution to the trek, very caring people. Altogether it was a trip of a life time trekking with my wife and 2 adult children, 9 days spent in paradise. i will happily be recommending Adventure Bound tours to anyone interested in doing the Kokoda Trek.

David Szabo, May 2018

“I came to this trip wanting a challenge for myself, but finished up with with so much more than just that the physical challenge I came for. The Stanley ranges are such a beautiful place to Hike, the scenery are amazing, rivers, swamps, rain Forrest and mountains it's all there. The history of the place, from the old mail trail in the 18 century to the battle fields in second world war are amazing, but it's very humble experience to hear about the battles and sacrifices there took place in these hills in 1942, these stories was well told to our group by Guide Olly, a experienced soldier himself, the services at brigade Hill & dawn service at Isurava will stay in my memory forever. The interaction with our porters on the trip and the locals we met in the villages along the trail plus our trip to Soputa village are other unforgettable memories from this trip.
From be beginning of the trip in Cairns to the finish, I felt very comfortable with how to trip was run by adventure bound tours, all the information from training to equipment required on trip was provided. Good information session in Cairns on first day to the daily briefings on the trip was excellent, the team of local porters & cooks supporting us on our trip were helpful, polite and easy going, plenty of great food all trip, equipment supplied by Adventure bound was top notch and the tour group was a nice sized up to 12 hikers only plus crew . I was really happy that I chose to travel with Adventure Bound Tours for my Kokoda experience, I highly recommend this company to other Hikers.

Henrik Bardrum, May 2018

“Once David & I made the decision to do Kokoda the research began. We have never done an adventure holiday in a group before but found that Adventure Bound had everything we were looking for and they just felt right. We asked our kids(mid 20’s) if they wanted to come along and they were keen for the adventure. The trip itself was very well organised with Olly being flexible based on situations that arose. Every member of the group was treated equally and respectfully regardless of ability level and personal need. We learnt a lot from Olly with his knowledge of the Kokoda campaign and wars in general. The memorials at Brigade Hill and Isurava really highlighted the sacrifice of our diggers and the fuzzy wuzzy angels. It was a beautiful family experience for us and an emotional time of achievement when we walked through the Kokoda gates together at the end. The track itself is spectacular with the added experience of the lovely villages we passed through.
We had done a fair bit of training in the months leading up to starting but were still a bit anxious about how hard it would be and whether we could cope with the intensity (we are in our mid 50’s). In the end we all coped well and didn’t find it to be the difficult struggle we imagined it would be. Even though there were long days of walking it wasn’t at a fast pace so we could fall into a rhythm behind our lead porter Jack and try to look up occasionally instead of concentrating on our feet. There are regular stops to talk about the campaign, cross rivers or just rest. The porters were an experience unto themselves and I would highly recommend having a personal porter. Not only did it make the trek easier but it added a local dimension where you had someone looking out for you and helping you when needed. They were genuinely concerned for our wellbeing. The food was amazing – Freddie is a wonder!

Sylvia Szabo, May 2018

“We're a family of 4 that recently completed Kokoda, Anzac Trek, with Adventure Bound. Our trek was made possible with the experience and organisation of Olly, Billie and their fantastic PNG porters. This trek proved to be physically and emotionally testing, made easier with fancy equipment and cooked meals that our troops didn't have the luxury of, this alone gave you perspective as you walked the track. Olly's historical knowledge of battles along the track gave us an insight of what our troops endured, reminding us of their sacrifice, strength, courage and tenacity. Something we will forever be thankful for. Two highlights of our trek was the service at both Brigade Hill and Isurava. Both were moving and special and something we will never forget. We experienced beautiful terrain, gorgeous village life, always feeling welcomed.
To Olly, Billie and your fantastic personal and food porters, thank you for going above and beyond to look after us! Food was amazing, Freddie and his crew are just awesome! Adventure Bound is the best!! Special mention to our fellow trekkers....what a great bunch of people you are! Thanks for the laughs, one-liners and camaraderie.

Lisa Sutherland, ANZAC Trek 2018

“I am Greg Chamberlain and a participant in one of the most amazing, humbling, life changing experiences with a bunch of people who will forever be in my heart and soul. The Trek - hardest thing I have completed in my near 50years.... even harder with a broken knee from day 2 on the trail. The constant climb and even steeper declines were character building and created a whole new meaning to testing the metal of ones strength! The accomplishments- achieving the daily goals, learning of the history along the way, inspiring others to continue forward .... I am so forever grateful to the opportunity to share something so connecting - spiritually, emotionally and physically. Olly - the man has done his research and imparts knowledge and history along the track like it should be delivered - as if we are there..... The porters - we were / are privileged to have one of the most professional proficient capable group of locals - decendants of the orginial Fuzz Wuzz Angels to assist, guide and inspire to achieve the outcome as one. The family - a group of people aging 16-54 all with a vision to achieve a dream. This group is by far the greatest humans I have had the honour of working together with since leaving the military..... the youth aspiring to learn and us older folk with a vision to achieve.... I love this group unreservedly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and will be there in a heart beat for any of group that needs assistance or support, as they gave me....
Life Saving

Greg Chamberlain, ANZAC Tre 2018

“I must say that Adventure Bound is the most professional outfit that I have had the pleasure to travel with. Both Olly and Billy were the perfect hosts and their attention to detail and military history on my recent Kokoda Trek were second to none!

Frank Edwards, ANZAC Trek 2018

“It is hard to put into words the experience of walking the Kokoda track. It is tough,challenging and can be emotional , listening to the stories of the events of WW2 told with so much passion by Olly puts into perspective the difference between us with our state of the art boots,backpacks and walking poles and those who fought and gave their lives for our country/freedom. Olly's amazing knowledge of the different battles fought on the track helped us understand, even if only a small amount , what our diggers experienced. On the 2017 side of things the scenery,the villages and the terrain has to be seen to be believed. Spending 10 days in such an amazing place with close family and friends was a once in a lifetime experience, the planning and organisation done by Adventure Bound Tours led by Olly on the track with his amazing band of PNG porters, guides and cooks (great food) and Billy back at home answering our many nervous pre-trek questions could not be faulted. If you have any thoughts of experiencing this amazing place, as they say DON'T DREAM IT-- DO IT. And I reccommend doing it with the Adventure Bound Tours team.

Ray Mallon, July 2017

“If anyone is considering doing the Kokoda track I would highly recommend Adventure Bound Tours.
Olly and Billy from start to finish make the whole experience seamless. Olly's passion and knowledge of the track was mind blowing. I took away from my experience of the trek knowledge,mateship and a sense that I can believe and achieve so much when under extreme pressure. And be able to push myself far beyond what I could ever imagine.
The porters were always there to lend a hand on the ups and downs and cook some incredible meals every day and night.
I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thank you so much Olly and Billy.

Wayne Adamson, Aug 2017

“Kokoda... where can I start.. My experience with Adventure Bound Tours was only positive. From my initial contact all the way through. Olly and Billy run a quality outfit, equipment, food, porters, historical knowledge, did I mention the food.
Tough, will the Track challenge you ? More than likely, I'm 67, trained for 12 months, glad I did. Found it tough going at first but got stronger as we progressed. When you are advised to train on hills.... train on hills! Or as close as you can to it.
Porters look after you, all the crew are friendly and helpful. Yes they speak english. I developed a comeradery with a group of strangers who have now become close friends. On the Track the people are really friendly, always a smile. Olly's knowledge of the battlefields is comprehensive to say the least, with frequent stops and small side trips to discover artefacts.
I went on an Adventure I will always remember, thanks Olly and Billy and all the PNG crew. Would I do it again... thinking about it.

Mike Currie, August 2017

“The initial support, logistics and answering of all my stupid questions was handled extremely well by Belinda (Owner/Operator and admin. guru for Adventure Bound Tours). We stayed in and staged out of Cairns, which was a blessing after seeing Moresby, and were trekking on the first day on arriving in PNG. It was a short “cultural and physical intro” day. Am I ready for this? Can I handle 9 more days of this? Well the truth is without the calm, professional encouragement and obvious experience of Olly (Owner/Operator and Head Guide for Adventure Bound Tours), it would have been a struggle for all of us. The blisters, stiff joints and tied muscles soon faded to insignificance with Olly’s passionate stories and intimate military knowledge of the Diggers that came before us. What an honour to walk in their footsteps. A trip of blood, sweat and tears (well mainly sweat) testing and fulfilling.
My Tips:
Porter? 100% yes!
Tested hiking shoes? A must!
3B cream and spare knee brace? Well worth the 100g.
Adventure Bound Tours? Shit yeah, without a doubt!!
Thank you Olly and Billy for the Awesome experience, I’ll be back in 10yrs with my 2 boys.

Craig Smith, June 2017

“I was privileged to be invited to join a group, mainly comprised of the family of my daughter's partner , to "do" the Kokoda Track. Ollie and Billy, of Adventure Bound Tours, had the arrangements under control from start to finish. Our group consisted of eleven trekkers.
On the track, Ollie was confident and capable without being "gung-ho" ; his military background brought an extra dimension to explanations about the military history of Kokoda. It seemed that he had a great rapport with his team of porters, and with the local people. He gave us regular and clear briefings about what to expect each day. He also had an understanding of and respect for the social and cultural issues of significance to the porters and the other local villagers.
Our porters were a great bunch : attentively helping with set up of tents ; helping on the track with those like me who needed a bit of a hand with some of the more difficult terrain and river crossings; carrying all the food and cooking great meals on open fires ( including scones and cakes !! ) ; entertaining us with beautiful singing most nights in four-part harmonies ; the list of their achievements could drag on....
With respect to the food, I was particularly surprised and impressed at the culinary accomplishments of the chefs, having previously spoken to ex-trekkers who had given me very negative feedback about what I might have expected.
A particular highlight of the overall trip was the cultural experience on our last night in PNG at Soputa village, where we were entertained like royalty by the villagers.
I will remember it as one of the toughest mental and physical challenges of my 60-odd years , particularly when one of my knees ( not unexpectedly ) decided to become a bit dodgy after the first couple of days. But to help me along I received excellent support and encouragement from Ollie, from my personal porter and the other porters in general, and from my fellow-trekkers.
I would thoroughly recommend a trip to Kokoda to those with any interest in Australia's military history,and particularly those whose relatives may have served in New Guinea,but also to anyone who might be seeking a personal or group challenge.
Having done the trek with Adventure Bound , I would find it hard to see how it could be done better. Our tents and other equipment were good quality and I believe we received great value for money.

Dr Bernie Moore, July 2017

“As someone who has never had a 'physical' holiday before, this was a fantastic experience. Belinda was great at answering all the silly little questions and Olly's organisation made the whole trip run smoothly. I enjoyed every part of the trip, from the trek itself to meeting the locals. Olly's army background provided us with an extra insight which I feel would have been missed by other companies. Although outside our comfort zone, Olly's knowledge of the country and it's people made for a much more comfortable trip than expected. The porters were fantastic, especially the cooks and personal porters. It was great to be able to get to know them and how they live their lives. The local's welcoming nature, Olly's ability to converse with all members of the group, and the spectacular scenery made for an unforgettable trip. I highly recommend Adventure Bound Tours!!

Jessie Barr, July 2017

“The 10 days of our Kokoda Trek with Adventure Bound were some of the most physically, mentally & emotionally challenging days of our life. We were hot, wet, sweaty, muddy, we have laughed (a lot!), cried (a little) and made some great friends. We couldn't have made it without the help of our porters who truly were our fuzzy wuzzy angels. We have been lucky enough to see a beautiful, untouched part of the world and its people. Olly was a great leader with excellent knowledge of the area and the history & was always looking out for the welfare of all the team. Billy provides excellent administration pre & post trek and can answer any questions or concerns. I would definitely recommend trekking Kokoda with Adventure Bound.

Brooke Everett, June 2017

“It can be very hard to find just the right words to describe,.. yet justify how amazing some experiences can be,...
I recently returned from my Kokoda experience with Ollie and six others trekkers.
We had stunning weather which allowed me to admire the beauty of the "Kokoda Track" and take some HD footage that I'll treasure forever. To understand, even to a small degree what the soldiers of war during the Kokoda Campaign had to endure carrying over 50 Kgs on their backs and a rifle at the ready can be very difficult while trekking this unforgiving terrain.
We were so well taken care of by Ollie and all our Porters. They made it very enjoyable and I couldn't believe the history Ollie had for us at numerous checkpoints throughout each and every day. How he remembers it all I'll never know...
If you're looking at an Adventure second to none,.... A journey that will test any hiker experienced or not, a Destination that does not come without its endurance, fatigue and the mental strength required,... then you need to make contact with Ollie and Billy and discuss this further.

I returned from my Kokoda experience felling more accomplished than any previous undertaking of my life.

Thank you Ollie and Billy for the most memorable tribute to the men who saved our country.

Many Thanks,

Adam Caines, June 2017

“Doing Kokoda with Adventure Bound was the best experience of my life! Such a well organised 10 days, full of interesting comments on the battles that took place from Olly. This is a must do trek for anyone who wants to challenge themselves and understand the importance of the ANZAC legacy. If I choose to walk the trail again I'll be doing it with Adventure Bound.

Hugh Edgar, June 2017

“Having recently completed the 2017 ANZAC trek with Adventure Bound Tours, I can’t help but continue to share my experiences with family and friends. To say that I was impressed by the logistics and planning behind this trek is an understatement. Billy and Olly run a highly professional family business which I found to be well organized from the moment I sent my first nervous email until hopping onto the plane home at treks end, glowing in my achievement…completing Kokoda is both an emotional and physical achievement. On the track, Olly’s military experience and relaxed demeanor enable him to enthusiastically deliver well researched historical facts regarding the numerous battles and incidents that occurred during the Kokoda campaign. His respectful relationships with the local guides (including head guide Stanley), and the food carriers/cooks and porters ensured everything ran smoothly, and ensured we were welcomed with open arms into all of the villages we visited. The emotions that you will experience during this trek will be at times overwhelming. From climbing and ascending lung burning steep ranges and ridge lines, listening to local school children sing at the end of a long day, recovering in icy highland creeks, participating in a commemorative Brigade Hill service, and finally crossing under the arches at Kokoda with your new life long mates. You will be immersed in the wartime history and local culture of this unforgettable journey, that I hope to one day do again with my family. Thanks Billy and Olly.

Lloyd Schneider, April 2017

“Words can hardly express the experience that is the Kokoda track as presented by Olly from Adventure Bound Tours. From the hectic hustle and bustle that is Port Moresby to the epic battles along the track. A history lesson of the Kokoda campaign, the tactics employed, the units involved, the ground covered, the weapons and equipment used. From Ower's Corner, Imita Ridge, Ioribaiwa, Menari, Brigade Hill, Eora Creek, the magnificent memorial at Isurava to Kokoda, all portrayed in laymens terms without compromising on the history by Olly. A spiritual journey retracing the steps of my forefathers. It was so much more than a trek, by hiring a porter I could slow down and take all in, the mud, the history, the culture,the beautiful mountains, sparkling fresh water creeks, epic crossing at Brown river, the hospitality of the local villages, the tribal welcome at Soputa village, swim at Kumusi river and the magnificent porters; always there to lend a hand, put up your tent and had the billy on for a much looked forward to cuppa. By far the best journey I have had and am so proud to walked the track with my brother. From woe to go it was seamless and very professional. Thanks Billy and Olly.

Lance Edwards, April 2017

“Not sure what to write here because its hard to put the whole tour into words...
My father, cousin, best mate and another mate and of course myself and Dad went on a Kokoda tour with Adventure Bound in April 2017 coinciding with ANZAC day. Olly, Billy and the whole team in PNG put together and delivered a money cant buy experience. The care, attention to detail and planning that goes into everything is breath taking.
If you want to do Kokoda or an adventure tour these guys are the bee's knee's.

Mitchell Bennett, April 2017

“Thank you Adventure Bound Tours for one of the best trekking experiences I have had, Ollys knowledge and passion for the Kokoda track was truly a highlight, his ability to explain the battles and hardships on the track so the whole group understood was very much appreciated. I would definitely recommend hiring a porter as it frees you up to take in the beautiful sights of the country, and makes the track more enjoyable. Olly has a great crew led by Stanley his head guide , Freddie is a magician in the kitchen, the porters are awesome, always there to lend a hand when the going gets tough.
I would highly recommend Adventure Bound Tours to anyone thinking of doing the Kokoda track, Olly, Billy and the rest of their crew are great to deal with and have helped create a memory that I will cherish for the rest of my life!

Paul Edwards, April 2017

“On an impulse a few months ago I decided to trek the Kokoda Track. I checked out a few trekking groups but was drawn to Adventuer Bound out of Cairns. Olly, ex SAS, and his wife Belinda are the force behind this company. Olly's military experience was pivotal in my selection and he was just fantastic on the trek. The porters like the Fuzzy Wuzzy's from the war, were amazing. They probably saved us falling a dozen times per day. A hand would come out and grab our pack to steady us. They were always happy and friendly and ready to assist. I got to have great admiration for these amazing people. Olly would stop and show us in layman's terms how the battles evolved. It was surreal to be there where it all happened and he brought it to life from Owers Corner to Kokoda. He would take us off track to see old munitions dumps and dugouts of both Aussie and Japanese troops. The camp grounds and villages were amazing. After we cleaned up in either the creek with the crystal clear water or the village pipe, Freddy, the cook, would have the billy boiling and an amazing meal cooked for us. We would then sit around the campfire telling yarns as only Aussies can do! Sometimes the villagers would come and sing to us and on many a night, we went to sleep in our tent with the sounds of the porters singing. This was a very memorable journey which I will never forget. I had a great leader with Olly and fantastic team mates and porters. I am so glad that at 68 I was able to hold my own on the track and successfully complete the journey.

Jessamy Welfare, April 2017

“My experience walking the Kokoda Track with Adventure Bound was everything I hoped for.
Olly has a great wealth of knowledge about the military history of the track. He is able to explain it so that it is easy to understand and get an idea of the hardships our soldiers endured and the enormity of their accomplishments. He also knew when a bit of quiet encouragement was needed to help over a difficult patch.
Adventure Bound were very well organized right from the time of our initial inquiries. The pre-trip advice was spot on including the training guide. I found the equipment list extremely helpful. Having the correct equipment can make a huge difference to your comfort and enjoyment of the trek.
I was pleasantly surprised by the food. Who knew you could cook cakes and doughnuts over a campfire. The porters were all exceptionally friendly and always ready to assist. Now here's some unsolicited advice; I strongly recommend hiring a personal porter. Not only do they carry your big pack, they also set up and take down your tent every day, fill your water bottles from the best places (usually a bit away from the track), and help you over the difficult creek crossings and slippery/difficult bits. You will form a special bond with your porter and provide valuable income for the local people, the descendants of the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels. My lovely porter even knitted me a hat while I was relaxing at night. (Can't promise that for everyone).
I wanted to walk from Ower's Corner to Kokoda, the direction of the Australian advance. Adventure Bound is one of only a few companies that go in this direction. Finishing your trek by walking under the arch at Kokoda is a feeling that can't be described but is certainly worth experiencing. So go do it!

Robyn Gipps, March 2016

“The team from Adventure Bound Olly , Belinda and Mace provided not just a tour but an experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life . This began with the first interaction 6 months ago and to the moment we arrived back in Cairns. The sharing of what really happened on the ground and the context behind why tactics were used throughout the campaign gave the trek the edge. Anybody considering walking the track should look to Adventure Bound Tours for a truly authentic experience.

Rod Hohn, April 2016

“The beauty of the Country, the history behind the trek, and the physical challenge of the hike are all bought together with guides like Chook and Mace, with their significant, and relatively recent military combat experience, adding a touch of reality when it comes to explaining the numerous significant battles fought, the tactics employed, and weapons and ammunition used. They also have a great local crew on the ground in PNG who were extremely helpful. The information and assistance from Belinda during the preparation process was also great. Highly recommended.

Brad Rix, April 2016

“My wife and I just completed the Anzac Kokoda Track hike with Adventure Bound Tours. What an awesome and unique experience. We cannot speak highly enough of the staff, who really made the journey something special. The tour ticked all the boxes … incredible location with stunning landscapes, great guides, well organised, good food, quality tents and excellent commentary of the war history of the track. The military background of Olly and Mace, added an extra insight into strategies and tactics used by both sides and really helped bring history to life. We feel every Australian should experience the Kokoda Track and Adventure Bound Tours are the company to do it with!

Chris & Kelly Hogan, April 2016

“Walking the Kokoda Track is an experience I’ll never forget, and made possible by Olly and Adventure Bound Tours. Ollie’s military background provides an excellent insight of warfare tactics used by the Australian and Japanese soldiers during the Kokoda campaign, and his passion for adventure makes this an exciting and interesting trek. A special mention must go to the porters and cooks used by Adventure Bound Tours who at the end of each day were fantastic in setting up camp and arranging meals. Word of warning if Olly says “angulating hills ” it means there is very steep hills ahead. A thoroughly amazing walk made possible by the well organized and equipped business of Adventure Bound Tours.

Warren Ford, May 2016

“Olly, our guide, proved to be the difference between this company and other trekking companies for me. His ability to transmit his in-depth knowledge and add anecdotes at every point on the trek brought the whole campaign to life and I would recommend these guys to those that wish to understand the full story behind the events that happened along the track in 1942

John Kehoe (Ex British SAS)

“A truly life changing experience engendering an indelible sense of achievement. I have never received such help and concern for my welfare, as over the track, in 67 years of existence. The historical info was both detailed, relevant and delivered in such a way as to make the sequence of the battles easily understandable. I cannot recommend this trek enough for youngsters as it will stand them in good stead for the ups and downs of life which they will undoubtedly encounter

Maj Alan Stenner (ex SAS)

“My trek with Olly was absolutely 1st rate. A fantastic experience now etched in my memory and one never to be forgotten- highly recommended. The military background of Olly, who demonstrated a detailed knowledge of the tracks military history, assisted me to relive the experiences of 1942 whilst enjoying spectacular untouched mountain vistas

Daniel Poultney

“WOW… where to start. Magnificent scenery, passionate and knowledgeable tour guide and the friendly and welcoming locals all combined to make a truly unforgettable experience. There was a good depth of info on all aspects of the trek from both tour leader and porters. My tip for future trekkers is use a native porter to carry your main pack. This will ensure a more relaxed and enjoyable trek as well as providing a source of income for the village men and their families. GO FOR IT….you won’t regret it!!!

Vivienne Norman

“Thanks for the amazing trip! My dad Richard Perrett and I had an incredible time loved every minute of it! Olly you were an awesome guide definitely made the trip interesting and had all the answers! Thanks so much to Stanley and the rest of the guys could not have got through it without you!!! Will be highly recommending you guys to everyone!!! Thanks again!!

Miss Perrett

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How hard is the Kokoda Track anyway? Well, it is a challenge because of the weather and the mountainous terrain. But Kokoda is very achievable by most people. A determined attitude and a willingness to keep pushing on through muscle soreness helps!

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A common question asked when wanting to take on the challenge of the Kokoda Track, is when is the ideal time of year to trek? When you have committed to training and have spent the money to make your goal happen, you want to know that you will experience the best of Kokoda!

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