Vanuatu not just for Honeymooners!

Vanuatu is the perfect Honeymoon destination…beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, pristine rainforests, untouched coral reef and seclusion. But there is another side of the Vanuatu islands, a side not many people yet know about….

Vanuatu is fast becoming an adventure playground. Being only a 2hr flight from the east coast of Australia it is positioned as an ideal location for an adventure holiday. The outer islands of Vanuatu provide an extreme environment to challenge you physically! If you are looking for an adventure close to Australia that very few people have yet to do than the Islands in the north of Vanuatu is the place for your next trek!

The northern island of Melakula has a 3 day, 60km hike through beautiful rainforests and untouched beaches. Stop in at villages along the track and experience some local Vanuatu culture. The Vanuatu people are the friendliest in the world and will make you feel like part of the family as you trek around their paradise home.

Just off the coast of Melakula is the Maskelyne Islands, which is the ideal setting for a multi-day canoe. You will be able to explore the reef and all its marine life, even have a swim with dugongs! You can canoe around the islands and choose your favourite island to set up camp on! You will feel like a real-life castaway as you paddle your dugout canoe, only stopping to snorkel the reef below.

From Melakula it is only a boat ride to the island of Ambrym where you can climb to the peak of an active volcano. Stay overnight near the peak and take in the extreme and unique environment! How many people can say they have climbed to the rim of an active volcano!

All of this adventure only a short plane ride from Australia! So start planning your next adventure holiday today and look no further than Vanuatu’s northern islands!


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