Which company should I trek Kokoda with?

This is the first big question you need to answer after deciding to trek the Kokoda Track. There are a number of issues you need to consider when choosing a company to take you on this life-changing journey in order to get the most out of your experience, for example;


  • Size of the trek group – will the company make my trek personal and meaningful or will I just be another number in their large group? If the group sizes are too large the trekkers can be too spread out over a section of the track and you will either be waiting for the rest of the group or feeling like you are dragging the chain! The ideal group size would be around 12 per trek.
  • Military Knowledge – because there are an increasing amount of companies taking people over the Kokoda Track, you need to ensure your Trek Guide is able to communicate the contexts of the military history in a relevant way. The ideal situation would be to go with a trek guide who has had experience in the Defence Force so you can experience the track from a soldier’s point of view.
  • Local/Cultural Interaction – It’s important you choose a company that involves local guides and porters from the villages’ along the Kokoda Track. Look for a company that is affiliated with a local guide from a village along the track, as this ensures money is going directly back into the communities along the Track. It will also provide you with local contacts in the villages along the way which will give you a more personal cultural experience.
  • Safety – It’s important that the company you trek Kokoda with has completed risk assessments and has in place measures to reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring. Look for experienced Australian Guides with the knowledge and expertise to assist you over the rugged terrain of the Kokoda Track.
  • Price/Inclusions– Make sure the Kokoda trekking company you choose outlines all the inclusions of the quoted price. The last thing you want are lots of hidden costs later on or during your trek that you did not account for. A good trekking company will not ask for any further money once trekking.



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